Fractal Tribe

We are the Boulder Circus Arts collective. Our interdisciplinary approach to circus art production and training has forged an innovative team with each member learning a broad range of circus skills, technical production, and artistic direction.

Annabelle Denmark Photography

Annabelle Denmark is a Fine Art Portrait and Wedding photographer local in Denver, Colorado. Annabelle specialized in offering unique creative portraits for her clients who are looking for something more than what ordinary photographers produce. Annabelle is known for her Fine Art Boulder sessions where she applies her creative techniques to produce treasured works of art for her clients.

Art As Action

Art as Action is an artistic outlet for performers, Young Artivists and Reconnect with your Body dancers and an incredible and thought-provoking experience for our audiences. Art as Action is the place where Artivists come alive and discover their own potential for creativity and connection.

Boulder Dinner Theater

It is the mission of Boulder's Dinner Theatre to provide live, Broadway-quality musical theatre entertainment with fine dining to create a unique experience for groups, families and all discerning theatregoers.