Available Services


The first stage of my work is the design. I work with each customer individually to integrate their ideas and my artistic eye for style and design. The initial step in my process is to take measurements and sketch out ideas for each project. Once I have a few sketches, I consult with the customer and make any adjustments and alterations that are requested. After finalizing and receiving approval on each sketch, I move on to fabrication.


Fabrication begins with purchasing fabric. I use a variety of resources to find and purchase fabric, both online and in person. In my 10 years as a designer and seamstress I have acquired an extensive knowledge of various fabric qualities and which fabrics work best in both function and appearance for different costumes and clothing. Once I have purchased fabric, I can start the process of cutting and sewing. Most often I use a pattern or combination of patterns to cut out each of my designs. For most projects, I do at least a small amount of pattern modification to achieve the finished look. After cutting and sizing the pattern correctly, I am able begin sewing. Upon completion, I touch base with the customer to either schedule a time to fit and finish the project or send pictures to ensure that I have captured their vision before finalization.


As costumes and clothing are used and abused, there comes a need for maintenance. I do repairs and alterations on costumes I've made, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, pants, suits and anything else that has fitting issues or necessary repairs.